Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Haiku of Motherhood Series

Haiku is a traditional poem containing 17 syllables total, in 3 lines, 5,7,5 respectively. Traditional Haiku is usually written about nature, the elements, and seasons. Reading and writing (especially writing) Haiku is a favorite pastime of mine, because I love the challenge of trying to fit a lot of meaning into a little amount of words.

So, I have decided to try my hand at writing (non-traditional) Haiku, centering around the nature of motherhood. In fact, I will be writing a Blog Series, focusing on a specific aspect of motherhood in each. I hope you enjoy reading the Haiku as much as I enjoyed writing them. Some are meant to be funny, some touching, but all are honest and based on my own personal experiences.

My intention, as always, is to write about situations and events that will unite people, mothers in this case, through our shared experiences. I look forward to sharing my Haiku with you!

Below is a preview of the series, as well as a sneak peak Haiku:

First in series: Baby Making
Second in series: Pregnancy
Third in series: Newborn, New Mama
Final in series: Breastfeeding

Sneak Peek------->

Peeing on a stick
Like playing the lottery
Pink lines mean jackpot!