Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Haiku of Motherhood Series: Pregnancy

I was very lucky to have a pretty smooth pregnancy. In fact, I quite enjoyed being pregnant; watching my belly grow, feeling the kicks, hearing her heartbeat. For me, it was a pretty magical time, but it wasn’t without its bothersome moments. Although no woman's pregnancy is exactly the same, there is still so many shared experiences among women who have been pregnant. I hope you enjoy the following Haiku. I hope they make you smile, laugh, and (if you are no longer pregnant) remind you of a special time.

The first ultrasound
My most precious grain of rice
A beautiful sight

Someone lied about
Morning sickness because I
Feel sick all day long

Our baby’s heartbeat
We heard over the Doppler
The sweetest music

Not really showing
Yet, my jeans no longer fit
Time for some new clothes

Cravings are no fun
When they hit you all at once
I must eat it all

Swelling all over
Fingers, toes, and baby bump
Stretch marks appearing

Strangers touch my bump
It is not a sign of luck
It is just plain rude

Baby kicks and rolls
Like a little alien

Living inside me

Wherever I go
My baby is always here
Right under my heart

Shopping for a crib,
Changing table, and rocker
All our money gone

Don’t you dare ask me
If I am carrying twins
Unless you want death

Dying to find out
Will I use the name I picked
For a boy or girl?

Lights out for Mama
Means party time for baby
What’s up with that, Kid?

Heartburn has me like
A fire-breathing dragon
Please pass me the tums

Filled with emotions
Waves of joy and bursts of fear-
What a wild ride