Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Haiku of Motherhood Series: Babymaking

The first set of Haiku in my series focuses on the excitement and at times heartbreak of trying to have a baby. It did not take my husband and I very long to get pregnant, and for that I am grateful. Still the short amount of time we were trying, I remember the near psychosis I brought myself to, wanting to be pregnant so badly. Once I decided I wanted to have a baby, there was nothing else I could think about.

So, I did what any book worm would do, I read and read and read until I felt like an expert on all things relating to baby making and pregnancy. I drove my husband crazy!  One night after work, in an effort to take my mind off things (and give the hubby a night off of baby-making drama) I went out for drinks with friends. That was the same night I found out I was pregnant! I will never forget that night-the start of the crazy roller coaster of Motherhood, and once I got on, there was no going back.

I hope you enjoy this Haiku series, it reads as a sort of narrative. I know there are many men and women out there who can relate to many of the things I write about. For those of you out there who are in the middle of your own baby making narrative, I pass on good vibes and baby dust!

I woke up one day
With the burning desire
To become a Mom

Deciding to make
A baby is both scary
And so exciting

Read every book
Follow every single blog
Become an expert

Temping everyday
At the crack of dawn to get
Most accurate temp

The body signals
The time when you are fertile
Egg whites is the key

Ovulation time
Let’s do the deed to make a
Mini you or me

Baby clothes in stores
A cruel tease to those of us
With an empty womb

Legs up in the air
Let gravity do its job
Husband laughs at me

Visits from Aunt Flo
Used to bring a great relief
Now it brings me tears

As the month goes by
We play the waiting game of
Baby making chance

This month is the one
He assures me as we lay
I pray he is right

Dollar store pee sticks
Work just as well, so I buy
Every test they have

Testing twice a day
Driving myself so crazy
Imagining lines

Hard apple cider
With friends at happy hour
Trying to relax

The faintest pink line
Appeared one night after work
Can’t believe my eyes!