Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bring Trump to Chicago

I am a South side-Chicago-City Girl through and through. I was raised in Chicago proper and I currently reside in a south side neighborhood, just minutes from where I grew up. I take great pride in my city.  We are a people who will stand up in the face of a misguided mayor and demand for something better. We have culture dripping from out city streets. Every few blocks you will come across a neighborhood that is different from the one you just passed. We fight for student and teacher rights, and will literally stop traffic to make sure our voices are heard. We are not a fearful people.

So, why are we afraid of a little man called Donald Trump? I know his big mouth and hateful following is something we do not want in our city. But we must not forget, this is OUR city. We are the ones who have the power in this situation. We can welcome Trump into our home and show him with our peaceful protests or through an empty pavilion that we will not stand for what he represents. By signing a petition to cancel his rally we are only stifling ourselves. What is it that you want people to know about Trump? Now is the time to write it on a poster board or blast it from a megaphone.

I would rather see a TV spot about how Trump could not be heard over the cacophony of Chicagoans who showed up to the rally to protest his potential candidacy. Or how he gave a speech to an almost empty pavilion. By canceling the rally we are saying, "Trump is too much for us to handle," we are saying, "We are afraid."

No movement that matters comes without struggle. I for one am in no way an advocate for violence, but I believe that if we uphold ourselves to the standards of the grassroots movements of history that have come before us, we can show Trump and his followers that Chicago will not sit silently in the face of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. We are the city of strong shoulders, let us not use that strength to push away the challenge of Trump, rather use those shoulders to stand on so everyone across the nation can hear what we think.

Bring Trump to Chicago- show up and protest, or don't show up at all. Either way, we must show him,  his hateful platform has no power in our city.