Friday, February 12, 2016

I Get it Now

Having my daughter absolutely changed my life. In the harder moments I think to myself how lucky I am to have such a loving mother who has provided me with a great example of limitless love. So, this weeks blog post is a poem, a dedication of sorts, to my mama.

I get it now
When you say I am your baby, even though I’m 29
Why you hug me a little longer
Why you place your hand on mine

I get it now
Why you woke me through the night
To make sure my fever broke
Even when you worked a double shift
And the fatigue was settled on your soul

I get it now
How my accomplishments can bring you pride
Why you clapped the loudest
Why it may have made you cry

I get it now
Why every school trip you would attend
Even when I was not excited
And would rather sit with a friend

I get it now
How my growing brought both joy and sorrow
How you hated watching me outgrow my clothes
And loved to see what I would do tomorrow

I get that without a YOU
There would not be a ME
I get why you stepped back, why you let me be

But most of all
I get it
How love can change and grow
Into something magical,
The bounds of which I still don’t know
How it becomes unstoppable
A force of nature-sure and true
It all makes sense to me
I understand my love for her
I get it now, because of you