Monday, March 14, 2016

Haiku of Motherhood Series: Breastfeeding

The first major challenge I experienced as a new mother was learning the ropes of breastfeeding. My daughter was born 3 weeks early and was not a very strong nurser. She also has a tongue and lip tie which made it hard for her to get a good latch. Luckily I had a good supply from the beginning and between her nursing and supplemental bottles of breast milk, I have been able to avoid giving my daughter formula, which has been a major personal goal of mine.

Eventually, the nursing sessions happened less and less and she was given more bottles of breast milk. This really upset me at first, because I wanted to have an exclusive nursing relationship, but she just couldn’t enough milk while nursing, and the daily struggle was taking a toll on my mental and emotional health. Bottle feeding my daughter for the majority of the day proved to be the best move for our family and made for a much happier baby.

The following Haiku are based on my experiences throughout my breastfeeding journey. My daughter is currently 5 ½ months and I know I still have a whole half-year to get through, but writing these Haiku have been a sort of therapy for me, and I am now excited to continue breastfeeding. I know my goal of a year is possible!

I hope those reading this who breastfeed their babies will be able to relate to the moments-good and bad-mentioned in these poems.

What are some breastfeeding topics you would add to the list?

Breastfeeding is hard
But it is the best for her
So I will nurse on!

Nipple pain for days
Baby has a shallow latch
How will I survive?

"You smell good," I'm told
"It's Eau de Breast milk..." I say
"...would you like a spritz?"

Two o’clock-am
Baby cries for Mama's milk
I stumble from bed

When she falls asleep
After a nursing session
I feel complete
Made it three whole months
Now onto my goal of six
After that, a year!

Nursing on the couch
She pauses and looks at me
A treasured moment

Seedy breast milk poop
Exploding up baby’s back
Third outfit today

Nursing in public
Suddenly all eyes on me
They don’t understand

Pump at 3 am
Must maintain my milk supply
Even though she sleeps

Nursing cravings ruin
My plans to lose baby weight
More of me to love

Engorged and in pain
Looking for a place to nurse
I may spring a leak!

Pumping while at work
Not as easy as it sounds
I can do it all

8 ounces of milk
Spilled on the kitchen counter
Waste of liquid gold

An exclusively
Breastfed baby doesn’t mean
I can’t use bottles

When I want to quit
I look at my little girl
She deserves the best

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